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Homeflic wegrow is a tribe of people from all over the world, having diverse mindsets and personalities, learning and growing together. It’s a platform where people can showcase their talent, discuss their problems, talk about trending topics and build a network stronger than any bond. Focusing on holistic development of our members along with us, we believe in learning, working, and growing together.

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Knowledge Meets
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Knowledge meets:
At wegrow we want to give voice to the youngsters and address the issues that get covered under the layers of lack of education and proper conversation. They are left unaddressed and over time, become a taboo. Via these summits and meets we will try to change the society around and will try to bring the much-needed change around us. With great influencing youth icons coming to address these issues a lot of young minds will bloom and fly high.

Quizzes & Competitions
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Quizzes & Competition:
Healthy competition not only increases the efficiency but also leads to team building and joint efforts put by all. At WeGrow, we conduct these quizzes to check everyone's knowledge on different topics and most of all make them aware about those he didn't know earlier about. Conducting regular competitions not only provides everyone a nation wide platform but also boosts their confidence hence making them future ready. These competitions are conducted on various topics for every age group keeping in mind their interests and knowledge levels.

Game Nights
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Game Nights:
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! And how come that can happen when you are a part of the WeGrow family. We are here with exciting game nights for everyone where we will play and compete across the globe, where the players will be joining us from various cities and countries!! These games will not only be for fun but will also be very knowledgeable hence two in one benefits.

Literary Events
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Literary Events:
When you get a platform to showcase your art you strive to enhance your skills even more. In these literary events we will host: Podcasts, open mics, poetry recitation, short story sessions and many more such things where people can showcase their work and get to hear others in a calm and knowledgeable environment where everyone is there to share their feelings and know what others feel. These activities will enhance public speaking and will provide perspective to all by increasing the horizon.

GD and Debating Platforms
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GD and Debating :
Where young minds can talk freely and debate, there arises solutions to the most difficult problems in the most practical ways. Our motive behind these discussions are the same. We are trying to provide a platform to the youth to come up and discuss what they feel, be fearless and defend their preferences, fight, talk, debate and come up with the ideas that can transform us all and can change the general mindset. These discussions will be on the major untouched societal issues that are important but never discussed in open.

Entrepreneurship boot camp
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Ever dreamt of starting your own business but the stress of funding, failure and criticism pulls you back? Ever thought of taking over the entrepreneur world with your ideas, but don’t know where to begin with? We the tribe of WeGrow are providing you with all the answers to all your questions by the finest leading experts in the entrepreneur world. WHAT EXACTLY IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP BOOTCAMP? A bootcamp generally means training camp for learning various types of skills. In Entrepreneurship bootcamp we will bring together young entrepreneurs/leaders from across India and help them discover the areas which will help them grow as an individual as well as their business.

Knowledge Summits
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Whether an extrovert or an introvert this knowledge summit is open for all, because we at WeGrow believe in equality The sessions included are :
1. Hard skills : We’ll provide you with best hard skills knowledge by the experts from various fields. 2. Soft skills development : Do you lack confidence? Do you have stage fear? Don’t worry we are here to help you with legit anything and everything. 3. Literary nights : For every budding poet and writer out there, this is your call to showcase your admirable pieces. 4. Gaming nights : For every gaming enthusiast out there, here’s your chance to let everyone know who the real MVP is !!! 5. Motivational nights : Feeling low? Feeling anxious? Need the right kind of motivation, well this is your one stop for all the feelings that cannot be described but still weighs you down. Join this tribe, feel the vibes and grow as an individual together with WeGrow. Also, there will be a fun and interactive session where we'll give each and everyone to talk about things that are normal but not considered normal by our society, in short the taboos. Periods, pride and everything. So keep your pens and papers ready, write your heart out because we are inviting you the greatest knowledge summit everrrrr!

Volunteering opportunities with S.C.O.P.E
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Volunteering opportunities:
Homeflic Wegrow SCOPE is an initiative wherein our tribesters promote social change, development, cohesion and the empowerment of people and communities, and other creatures through various drives. PERKS. GOOD DEEDS SHOULD BE DONE WITH INTENTION AND NOT FOR ATTENTION. With the negative impacts of society comes some positive impacts too. When you volunteer with scope you get to pay back to the society. In this drive we will be arranging various events, like feeding underprivileged people, feeding stray animals and much more. Usually, we’ve seen people posting pictures of themselves feeding the underprivileged people which is quite unacceptable but here we do not believe in advertising our deeds instead we believe in bringing smiles to those faces by doing our best! So, what are you waiting for? Join our tribe and let’s bring smile on those bright faces together!

Internship opportunities
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Internship opportunity:
We all dream of a job where we want to feel comfortable, we want to have less work pressure, where we don’t want colleagues but a family Well, WeGrow is here at your service, fellas! We provide you with internship opportunities in various fields like HR, content department and much more We are a TRIBE, a tribe full of vibe! We provide stipends for the best leaders! Here you aren’t an intern but a leader. So what are you waiting for? Show us what you’ve got and join our tribe be our exclusive #tribester

Official Merchandise
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Official merchandise:
Once you join our tribe, we’ll not let you be empty-handed instead you’ll have access to our official merchandise which symbolizes our bond. We have designed a t-shirt with our tribe’s logo in the front and #systemhiladenge at the back. So are you ready to shake the system? Come and join us! We’re waiting to have you in our tribe!


Musical evenings, meets & more.
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Musical evenings, meet & more
what happens if a community offers you an evening for soul stirring music? We grow gives you the opportunity to witness the greatest talent across the world to put together a soulful evening and more.

Open mic events
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Open mics:
Open mic events are a rite of passage for many people. Here, as the world opens to the new normal, it is time for all the budding speakers to try out new material at our open mic events.

Events and Parties
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Events and parties:
Apart from growing together, let's bond for a celebration and enjoy forgetting all limits. Enjoy the luxury, excitement and delicacies come together to curate the best experience at homeflic wegrow.

Certificate Courses
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Certificate courses:
homeflic wegrow is delighted to offer you a variety of certified courses to stand out in your field and showcase your valuable knowledge and key skills.

Trips/Excursions/Day outs
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Trips/ Excursions/ Day out:
Haven't been anywhere, but everything in your list? There are some great opportunities from wegrow to satisfy anyone wishing to wander. Excursions and trips will help you to engage with industry professionals to build networks.

A family like tribe to learn, achieve and grow with
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A family like tribe to learn, achieve and grow with:
Here we go, here we grow a family with a holistic approach to develop one's personality and gain success in the pillar of life.

One-on-one sessions
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One-on-one sessions:
Research shows we learn best from people we get on well with, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We provide personalized one-on-one sessions for high quality interaction.


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Homeflic wegrow is a tribe of people from all over the world, having diverse mindsets and personalities, learning and growing together. It’s a platform where people can showcase their talent, discuss their problems, talk about trending topics and build a network stronger than any bond.

YOU and that annoying friend who keeps calling for no reason and the one who never picks up, the one whom you cheat from and the one you share your burger with, the ones you've lost touch with and the ones that you meet daily!

We are a family where we support each other and guide through real life problems while learning from each other. We are a platform for your skill development and building a better future.

Provides people with an environment where they can discuss their issues and can open up without any fear of judgement. Discuss various social issues and contribute towards society in many ways through our various drives under various community outreach programmes. Provides courses and knowledge meets to school/college students for enhancement of their skills. Organizes various parties/events/trips/excursions for recreational purposes.

Homeflic Wegrow SCOPE is an initiative wherein our tribesters promote social change, development, cohesion and the empowerment of people and communities, and other creatures through various drives.


Sneak Peak


Aditi Surana

Jain University, Banglore.

Heyooo, I just joined in on the tribe. I was welcomed with so much love and love the vibes. really looking forward to being a #tribester.

Himani Thakur

Shri Shiskha Yatan College, Kolkata.

Hey guys, I'm a new addition to the tribe. I have been looking for doing something that was something out of the box, and finally found the perfect thing.

Mallika Soni

NIFT Mumbai, Mumbai.

Hello to all. I recently got to know about Homeflic Wegrow and, I'm so happy that I'm a tribester now; so relieved that I didn't make the mistake of not joining. Felt so welcomed.


Myddelton College, United Kingdom

I really like the concept of Homeflic Wegrow and hoping to learn alot from you. See you tribesters in the sessions

Kanika Agarwal


Welcome to all, so grateful to Homeflic Wegrow to provide me with a platform through which I can share my poems, articles, and opinions above all.

Ritu Yadav

IIM Ranchi, Ranchi

Hi, this is a great initiative. really excited for the literary session, and Debating Events

Palak Juneja

Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Heyoo People, I know I have lots to learn, let's go on our journey together so that no one is alone.