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Duration: 30 Days / 1 Month

What do you get?

  • Design Terminology
  • Design Thinking
  • Brand Identity

With every industry heading towards digital platforms, a whole new perspective of jobs from content writers to social media managers have come into the pictures but most importantly the Graphic designers: People who design what we see on our social media.

We understand what a career boost this can be for you and have come up with a unique blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to make you stand apart. We here at WeGrow have designed a curriculum that not only will make you learn the basics of designing to lay a strong foundation but, will also give you a hands-on experience on the latest designing tools in the business like: Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva and many more.

The curriculum is incorporated in such a way that your day to day progress will be tracked along with very interactive assignments and competitions that will give you chances to earn certificates. In addition to that, the top 10 students will get an instant internship after the end of the course.

At the end of the courses you will be industry ready with an in-depth knowledge from brand logo designing to print media and social media graphic designing and can start your career as a freelancer, full- time or part time employee and can earn a great amount. All these career boosting opportunities at such a nominal price!

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