French language

INR 1,499/-

Duration: 20 Hours / 1 Month

ABOUT Ms. Kashish Sethi (Mentor)

A professional French tutor training national and international students all around the globe since two years. She makes everyone learn a new language in a very creative way while having fun and at the same time improving their personality skills which boosts up the confidence of her students along with increasing their interest to explore more. Ms. Kashish Sethi is a young , talented and an enthusiastic person who has taught French to all age groups. She keeps students engaged during the sessions with her all new creative ideas of learning a new language in an absolute comfortable and easy way.

What do you get?

  • M 01: Alphabets , Vowels, Accents & Greetings
  • M 02: Numbers 1 to 100 & Self Introduction
  • M 03: Days of the week & Months of the year
  • M 04: Colours, Weather & seasons
  • M 05: Likes and dislikes & The body parts
  • M 06: Appearance (describing someone)
  • M 07: Negations, Family, Hobbies & Routine
  • M 08: Fruits and vegetables, Drinks
  • M 09: Modes of Transport & Jobs and professions
  • M 10: Class room objects & Shops in french
  • M 11: Directions, Subject pronouns & Basic Verbs

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