Wegrow Tribe

Homeflic wegrow is a tribe of people from across the world, which implies having mindsets and personalities of a wide spectrum that are willing to learn and grow together. We have developed a platform where people can showcase their talents, discuss their issues, talk about trending topics, and build a network stronger than any bond.

Who Can Be A Part Of Our Tribe?


the one whom you cheat from and the one you share your burger with,


and that annoying friend who keeps calling for no reason


and the one who never picks up,


the one whom you cheat from and the one you share your burger with,


the ones you've lost touch with and


the ones that you meet daily!

We are an inclusive tribe and we welcome all of you provided that you are super cool or you are ready to be

What You Get?

Free access to knowledge Meets

Exclusive Quizzes

Exclusive Game Nights

Exclusive Literary Events

GD and Debating Platforms

Free access to entrepreneurship boot camp

Free access for Knowledge Summits

Volunteering opportunities with S.C.O.P.E

Internship opportunities

Free official Merchandise

Exclusive access for podcasts

Exclusive access to Wegrow Tribe Cave for physical musical evenings, meets & more

Free access to open mic events

Exclusive Events and Parties

Special discounts on courses

Exclusive Trips/Excursions/Day outs

One-on-one sessions with industry leaders/mentors/trainers

A family like tribe to learn, achieve and grow with