1. Is happiness really a choice?

I'm no psychologist, I'm not a philosopher and I'm a human who has no knowledge of any scientific standards of happiness but I can certainly share my opinions or thoughts, therefore, I think, happiness should be more of a situational aspect rather than being a stereotypical way of living. Some people are minimalist, they find joy/satisfaction/happiness with the minimum. Some people can't be happy with everything in the world. Their desire never ends. It's more of a greed than happiness therefore short lived. But if we consider situations in which people lose someone they love, or go through some trauma or anything similar, grief is important. You don't have to be happy just because your instagram tells you to be. You can be happy when you really want to be happy. When you are done with the grief when you get over your pain. Yes, it's important to be happy but it is also important to feel other emotions. Those make us humans. Happiness is a choice definitely but only when you're ready for it and not pushed into it. We can certainly disagree or I can be enlightened.
Day in pain feels like years but when we are happy we dont know when we grew old. Being unhappy can be cold but we need to shine as gold we can bring the change just by smiling to every situation in life we face because happiness is the best tool to make one calm and think positively. Being positive in live just dont make you happy but it ll make others also happy. One smiling face can motivate 5 unhappy faces

2. The mirror cried back*

World’s wonder it was
Nobody knew what it shows
As time flew they explained what it was.
I wonder how the world would’ve been without it
No hate for oneself and no love either.
There would have been peace all around. Nobody to fight for a surgery.
But this thought was no more a thought. Mirror was invented!
And all that peace was once more destroyed.
There came a girl new on earth, stood in front of it and showed a cute smile.
Grew up looking into it!
Sweet sixteen was her age, standing infront of it she asked
Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?
A broken smile and malnourished knees.
Mirror showed the real image and she never returned back to it. Last stage of her life.
Leaning against the wall, she broke the darkness by removing the clothes and wiping the dust.
She cried and asked Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?
The mirror swallowed the image and reverted it back.
She took last her last breath, crying and the mirror cried back.

3.Sometimes in my life

Sometimes I feel I am happy but deep down every part of my body screams. It screams in anger, it screams in pain And I sit alone, wondering everything be okay? Sometimes I am lost in numbness Running away from pain Running away from people Running away from myself. Sometimes I am trapped in my own thoughts. They say, open up your heart with us but at last they are the only one who break it. Tell me what do I do? I let it kill me slowly, it's peaceful. Sometimes numbness is beautiful No feelings, no issues Just you and your thoughts. Just you and your loneliness Just you and your demons. Sometimes I want to feel no numbness. So, I try to divert myself Divert my mind from all the deadly thoughts Divert myself from all the toxic people Divert myself from anything and everything that tries to bring me down and that's where I win That's where I feel the wave of emotions hit me again The love, the care no more numbness Because sometimes it's only me who can heal myself Because sometimes death can not do justice Because sometimes all I can do is feel numb and rise through it.

4.Life may be tough sometimes.

T hings will get rough, there will be bad days and it may all seem like a he's born through it all always, always stand tall . Gving up is not an option.
Never turn your back and run through good times and bad times .

5. Lets take it to the sky

Near the brightest stars
Much more closer to the blue moon
Yes.. take me to the sky
Far away from this hectic life
A little bit closer to Jehovah
Where there is breezeless
Take me there.. please

6. Its beyond imagination..

The beauty you carry in your soul.
Those eyes show me a whole new world
Yes .. im a lost sheep
Yes.. im a walter mitty
Are you?

7. So what does it take to please u?

Break your rules and you fall !
Follow them and still u lose?!
Doesn't matter whether you're a sinner !
Doesn't matter whether you're a saint !
Nobody can win . So what's the point
What's the bloody point

9. Life may be tough sometimes.

Things will get rough, there will be bad days and it may all seem like a he's born through it all always, always stand tall . Gving up is not an option.

Never turn your back and run through good times and bad times .

8. Let’s talk about it.

You’re in trouble, I can see it
Your parents are anxious, because they can see it
Your friends ask you how are you?
You say, “I’m fine, thank you”
But are you really fine?
Can’t say the truth, your mind.
Does it feel good to keep everything inside?
Obviously it doesn’t, then talk to someone outside
Why are you so hesitant?
Why is this resistance?
Are you thinking about the society?
The same society who’ll ask you to ignore and devote yourself to the almighty
But there’s nothing wrong in it I say
Wrong is ignoring mental health and calling it a day.
Maybe sharing everything with strangers isn’t the solution
Talk to a friend or family, who might understand your situation
And if you feel it doesn’t work,
That’s not a reason to get hurt
Write stuff down, publicise it
It’s not easy i know, but you should try it
I know Healing takes time
But you’re one of the strongest here, you and your mind
The heart is not left behind,
Because it’s your heart only, thats maintaining your shine.

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