Coder’s Python

INR 1,499/-

Duration: 25 Days / 1 Month

What do you get?

  • Installation of Python Runtime
  • Basic Concepts
    1. a. Interpreter and Compiler
    2. b. Syntax and Semantics
    3. c. Keywords
  • Literals
    1. a. Operators and operations
  • Input and output formatting
  • Conditional statements and Loops
    1. a. if-else
    2. b. Pass
    3. c. Building loops
    4. d. Expanding loops
    5. e. Controlling loop execution
  • Working with strings
  • Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Pep 8 style (code structure)
  • Functions and Modules
    1. a. Write your own functions and generators
    2. b. Name scope, shadowing, global keyword
    3. c. Lambda functions
    4. d. Packages and modules
    5. e. Hashbangs
    6. f. List comprehension
    7. g. Closures
  • Object Oriented Principles
    1. a. Classes and class attributes
    2. b. Inheritance and overriding
    3. c. Name mangling
    4. d. Polymorphism
    5. e. Diamonds
  • Exception handling
    1. a. try-except-else-finally
    2. b. Raise statements
    3. c. except-as
    4. d. Event classes
  • File Handling
    1. a. Streams
    2. b. text/binary file modes
    3. c. Newline character translation
    4. d. Reading and writing to files


  1. Number Guessing Game (Binary Search based)
  2. Hangman
  3. Rock Paper Scissor Game Simulation
  4. Website Blocker (Keep the browser from accessing unwanted websites)

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