Singing Simplified

INR 1,499/-

Duration: 15 Hours / 1 Month

ABOUT Ms Loveleen Jain (Mentor)

A professional vocalist and performer who has performed in various cities in India and abroad, covered various events and gigs leaving the audience in awe of her beautiful and soothing voice. Ms. Jain is all set to share her vast knowledge and experience of singing and music to show new songbirds the right path. She has mentored learners from various age groups and trained them to perform professionally and record themselves in a seamless way.

What do you get?

  • M 01: Efficient warm up exercise
  • M 02: The Right Posture
  • M 03: Resonance Improvement
  • M 04: Understand Voice Physiology
  • M 05: Improvement Volume & Strength
  • M 06: Advance Voice Projection Exercises
  • M 07: Eliminate Jaw and Muscle Tension
    and Fatigue

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