Tarot Card Reading

INR 999/-

Duration: 15 HOURS / 1 MONTH


A certified tarot card reader and healer has tremendous knowledge about tarot reading. She has changed the mindset of many of her students from negative to positive. Integrity and honesty are a huge part of her tarot reading. She believes that tarot is a way for her to tap into the energies that are already around us. She will be your guide and mentor to tap into your intuitive powers and change your life for the better.

What do you get?

  • M 01: Introduction to tarot & Busting the myths
  • M 02: How tarot can improve your life
  • M 03: History of tarot & Types of tarot decks
  • M 04: Difference b/w tarot cards and oracle cards
  • M 05: Structure of tarot- minor and major arcana
  • M 06: Major arcana cards (meaning and explanation)
  • M 07: Minor arcana cards (ace to ten)
  • M 08: Minor arcana cards (court cards)
  • M 09: Tarot reading & Shuffling methods
  • M 10: Various tarot spreads & Ethics in tarot
  • M 11: Blockages and cleansing methods

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